Lådor magasinering

Book your pick up

When you know what you need to store please contact us to book your pick up.

Lastbil magasinering

We collect

We arrive on the agreed upon time and date to to collect your belongings and transport them to the storage facility.

Förråd Magasinering

Visit your unit

After your belongings are moved in to the storage unit you will receive a keu and further instructions how to access your unit.

Here you are able to read in more detail how storage with Stuvo works

The first step is to contact us via the website and pick what type of storage you are in need of. This will help us to give you an estimate concerning the cost instantly. Since our systems are in Swedish you are more than welcome to contact us directly so that we can help and guide you through the process or handle it manually. 

You then decide how urgent the pick up is.

The minimum time we charge for storage is 3 months. 


The choice is yours if you wish to load the truck yourselves or pay for our help. If you have decided to pack the truck yourselves then you need to make sure that the goods is correctly prepared for transport since it will not be covered by our insurance.


If the goods is no correctly prepared for transport our staff might need to re-pack the goods. Their time and the materials needed will be charged to you.  Remember that the driver might be in the position to need to reject certain goods that is not correctly prepared for transport and that need material not present. 

You need to be in place on time at the agreed upon stop for the pick up. 

The driver will park the truck on the closest legal spot. 

When we do the pick up you will be given a key to your storage unit. After the move in is finished you will recieve and email with further instructions how to access your storage. 

The cancellation time is 15 days and should always be communicated in writing to